Joren Thys

From the first moment I was in contact with Konato, it felt familiar and personal. I was asked about my interests and what I preferred to do on the job. That personal touch, the technology independent approach and the opportunities, made me choose to work for them. Since I started working here, my positive feelings about Konato were confirmed on many occasions. I have regular calls with my team lead for follow-up about my projects. Because of this personal approach I love to work for Konato.

12 september 2018

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Digital transformation: Bimodel IT?

Bimodel IT is a two-tiered IT operations model which was introduced by Gartner around 2014. It defines the two tiers as “Mode 1, traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy, also referred to as exploitation. Mode 2 is exploratory, nonlinear, emphasizing agility and speed. Each mode will require a different management approach. Processes, organizational structures […]

23 december 2021

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Konato team weekend 2021

Ons teamweekend was er weer boenk op! We liepen over vuur, we vochten tegen zombies in een virtuele wereld en we zwierven ‘s nachts door de bossen van Nadrin. Avontuur en plezier in het kwadraat. Collega’s, jullie waren de max! 

4 oktober 2021

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EHB gastcollege

Afgelopen vrijdag gaven we een gastcollege aan de Erasmus hogeschool Brussel. Het was een boeiende en leerrijke wisselwerking over hoe een project op te starten, user story mapping, MVP’s , Miro en Atlassian … een hele brok knowledge sharing, waar theorie en praktijk elkaar ontmoeten. Dank aan onze collega’s Nico & Joren en dank aan […]

23 maart 2021

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