About Us


Konato is your co-pilot

Our consultants provide the flexibility and hands-on approach needed to get the job done. Our dynamic team offers you independent advice and pragmatic guidance for strategic direction, implementation and delivery of your projects.

Our mission

  • Being a trustworthy and long-term partner who guides your projects successfully through the complete project lifecycle. We help you to make your project tangible with distinct requirements and achievable goals, clear for all stakeholders.
  • Every project, every team and every environment is different. Therefor we focus on quality by providing a personal and hands-on approach adapted to your needs and to your project.
  • We believe that the knowledge and experience of our driven and dynamic consultants is the strength that every project needs. Therefor we invest in our employees with training and coaching. We have a culture that supports employee growth and an environment that subscribes to success through teamwork.
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Our services

  • In business consultancy, we tend to have a no-nonsense approach. We will help you to optimize your processes, gather requirements and make a valuable business case.
  • We turn your ‘idea or concept’ into a feasible and successful project. Transforming the business requirements and the business case into a functional analysis ready to be developed by a technical team.
  • We act as a co-pilot who focuses on teamwork with consultants who work efficiently and objectively and who keep your goals in mind. But we are also a partner who understands your predicament to succeed.
  • In project mode, we manage your projects by using our experience and proven methodologies.
  • Finally we will help you focus on quality and will help you test your applications. This way you will be able to deliver a qualitative product to satisfy the business and your users.
  • Running your projects smoothly starts by using the right tools for the job. We can help build, create and implement the right methodologies and tools.