Welcome Marianne

Marianne has recently started at Konato. She is a result-oriented consultant and wants to raise organisations to a higher level by supporting and executing successful projects. Since there is also the need for soft skills within a project outside of project-based skills, this lady is studying work and organizational psychology (VUB) in her spare time. Welcome to the team! #Konato #teamplayer #newemployee #welkom #topteam

20 Februari 2019

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Crisp-DM: The Standard

CRISP-DM CRISP-DM is the de facto standard for developing Data Mining (DM) & Knowledge Discovery (KD) projects and is thus also the most used methodology for these specific projects. It arose after a group of prominent enterprises (Teradata, SPSS, …) analyzed the problems and obstructions that occurred during DM & KD projects. Subsequently, they proposed […]

15 Januari 2020

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Beste wensen voor 2020!

Een goede gezondheid, veel geluk en succes, maar bovenal wensen we jullie geslaagde projecten toe in 2020! Dat het op alle vlakken een spetterend jaar mag worden! #Konato #NewYear #BestWhishes #2020 #topteam

1 Januari 2020

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LipDub Team Weekend Konato

Het teamweekend van Abano, Konato en BIQ was weer super! Tijdens de teambuilding maakten we samen een LipDub Music video! Bekijk hier het resultaat van deze creatieve workshop! #topteam #teambuilding #teamweekend #becreative #workshop #musicvideo  

18 Oktober 2019

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